Tourist Visa

It’s quite easy to get a tourist visa for any country.

Please keep the below points in mind:

The tourist visa for Indian will give you a stay of 30 days with two years validity, if and only if, you have an Indian passport. And the rule is same for other countries as well. But you need to have a passport with six months before the time of entering in Singapore.

There is no count of your entry and exit. This visa will provide a multi-time visit to the country.

If you are holding any old passport, it is safe to enclose the same with the application form.

Two recent colored passport size photographs to be placed on the visa form.

You can opt for a free country tour if your flight stops there for more than 5 hours. You just need to finish some official needs.

Apart from this, applicants should also have sufficient funds for the period of stay in the country along with confirmed return flight tickets.

Note: For the further details regarding the Visa documents, process, rejection and other queries, please contact our consultants.