UAE Work Visa – The Burj Khalifa is calling you

UAE Work Visa – Limitless oil, limitless jobs

UAE is a flexible place for an individual or an organization to serve in the nation. The Government has listed various visa categories backed by various requirements to obtain a visa valid for working in the country.

You should have either a sponsor or a relative in UAE who is ready to sponsor you for admittance in the country.  Country of origin is a major factor that helps determine the category of visa being filed for. The visa is valid for duration of the stay in the country. There are certain provisions for different individuals to apply for admittance in the country:

• Citizens of the Arab Gulf Countries Council who are not associated with the Gulf Cooperative Council but are employed under good occupational standings, or wish to make good investments in the country are allowed to work in the UAE. Family members can also apply for a stay in the country. Doctors, Auditors, Accountants, Engineers, and public sector employees are allowed to enter the nation for a period of thirty days.

• The UAE has also made provisions for allowing citizens of various countries to make a single entry in the country. The Government has made special provisions for nationals of United Kingdom, the European Union countries of America, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan to enter the country without the requirement of a sponsor. Those nationalities not listed by the Government have to acquire a sponsorship

• Professionals from the Hotel and Tourists Industry can apply for a 30 day Tourist Visa or a 14 day Service or a 30 days visa, which can be later on extended for another 30 days.

• Airlines can obtain a 4 days transit visa