Canada Visa

Canada’s “Express Entry” for skilled professionals is a new immigration process where the online profile is created by interested applicants from across the globe. The selection criterion is on merits and the highest ranking profiles are getting select in regular draws conducted online by Canada Immigration Govt. Department. Applications can be submitted at the, the official website of CIC (Central Information Commission). The proposed process duration as mentioned by government is six months, for now. Since there is no limit on the number of online applications submitted. Hence, quick decision to file the Canada Immigration petition is the key to new Express Entry program under different Canada Skilled Federal or Canada PNP and Canadian work experience class (CEC) Immigration categories.

Under this ambitious Express Entry Scheme, approximately 5000 applications are selected per month in the fortnightly draws that are being held regularly from 1st January 2015 onwards. The minimum draw was held at 413 points in 2017 and currently, the different draws are in the range of 400-450 after a long gap. In 2015 the draws were held at very high points and the selection was tough. But, now the success rate for clients from India has increased a lot because clients having points in the range of 450 are invited regularly. Several visa sub-classes like Federal Skilled Worker program, Federal Trade Worker program, PNP, Canadian work experience class etc, as shown above, are merged in the Express Entry system and the highest ranking profiles are selected and invited from the online database of the government of Canada.

Canada Work Visa – Your dream job is waiting for you

 Are you willing to work in a Canada? If yes, then you must know the following important information:


1) What is Work Visa?

Work Visa is not a legal document for the immigrant to live in Canada, permanently. One should need to know if he/she is in the category of any immigration like Skilled Worker. If you want to know your immigration category, please contact our consultant.

 2) Process time to get the work visa depends on a country from where you are applying for the visa. You have to have a permanent residence or a citizenship in that country to give all the information regarding the application.

 3) Get the cover letter or a job letter from your employer before applying for the visa. This document will going to work as a proof of your job that you meet the requirements of the job (for example, proof of certain education or work experience), Proof of identity, Passport. If you are not a citizen of the country in which you are applying, you must also provide proof of your present immigration status in that country.

4) After the complete submission of your application for the work visa, the employer will send the Labour Market Opinion Confirmation Letter to provide the detailed job offer with the application. With all these documentation process, now you can apply for a work permit at a Canadian High Commission in your country.


Basic requirements to apply for the Canada Tourist Visa:

• A Valid Passport with 6 months validity from the date of arrival in Canada.
• Medical certificate.
• Financially sound to visit Canada.
• No criminal record.
• Covering letter that mention the details of the applicant, travel, and details of other members going travel with the immigrant.

You can apply again for your tourist visa without any formal process. Keep this in your mind that you are not missing any document this time if you missed any in your previous application.There are two types of Tourist visa offered by the Canada tourism, Single – Entry Tourist Visa and Multiple – Entry Tourist Visa.

Single-Entry Tourist Visa

 The single – entry tourist visa gives you a single chance to visit the dream-land of Canada. They always assign an officer for your help in documentation, as well as, to tell you how much time you have to stay in Canada. The complete time period of your Single – entry tourist visa is six month as this visa is your temporary document to visit Canada.

You should leave Canada before the arrival of the expiry date. The officer will stamped your passport to confirm your arrival in Canada and the end of your Single – entry tourist visa. If you have a study permit or a work permit, the same expiry date will be stamped on the permit as well. You must get a new visa to re-enter Canada if you leave the country before the expiry date.

Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa

As per said by its name, the multiple – entry tourist visa can visit Canada more than once till its validation date which is more beneficial and better than single – entry tourist visa.

The multiple – entry tourist visa will get the entry of your visits to Canada. And you have to visit Canada before or on the expiry date of your visa. The visa cannot work after the end of its validation. If you want to visit Canada more after the expiry of your visa, renew it before your next application of visa.